Mortgage advice: it pays to keep your options open

The mortgage market is growing more complex by the day, with many different ways of calculating affordability and costs. We believe that makes it all the more important that your guide is unbiased and independent.

At Watson French, we’re free to scour the whole of the market, without restrictions, as we seek out the mortgage options that best suit your unique situation and needs.

Because we’re truly independent, our advice will not favour any one product or provider, concentrating instead on finding the most suitable deal for you, in the light of the economic outlook and your future plans.

As you’d expect, we’ll also be fair and transparent about what we’ll charge for our advice, so you can be confident our opinion really is unbiased, and that there’ll be no surprises in our fee.

Most of our mortgage clients return to us, move after move. Give us a call, and you’ll understand why.

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